Istanbul Airport Map

Airport Latitude and Longitude: 41°15′44″N 28°43′40″E

Airport address: Istanbul Airport, Tayakadın, Terminal Cad No:1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Turkey


Distances from Istanbul Airport:

Taksim About 36 min (40.3 km)
Sultanahmet About 44 min (42.1 km)
Fatin About 32 min (42.5 km)
Hagia sophia About 42 min (41.6 km)

About Istanbul

A Concise Overview of Istanbul City

Istanbul City is Turkey’s financial and cultural centre that extends on the Asian Anatolia and the European Thrace sides of the Bosphorus, being the world’s only metropolis located on two major continents. Since it is an international destination and junction for sea and land trade routes it has always formed the heart of Turkey’s economic life. There are specific markets that were opened in the city in the 1980s that further affirmed the hale and hearty economic status of the city. Forbes Magazine held that Istanbul was home to about 35 billionaires in the year 2008, fourth ranked after Moscow, which had 74, New York 71, and the English City of London 36.

Istanbul, by endowment, happens to be the largest and most vast Turkish industrial center and it employs about 20 percent of the country’s labor while contributing about 38 percent of the industrial workspace in Turkey.

Of all the most crucial and significant tourism centers in Turkey, Istanbul is the first. Tourist hotels and other businesses serving this industry that cater for visiting professionals and vacationers are so many in the city. Within 2006 alone about 23.1 million tourists made their way into the country with a huge number of them entering via Istanbul’s seaports and airports. In terms of main conference destinations, Istanbul is among one of the foremost global choices and is a popular choice for many international leading associations.

Istanbul is conspicuously rich in commercial, cultural and social activities where world-famous and loved pop stars fill venues to capacity during functions like theater, ballet and opera that take place all year round. There are multiple seasonal festivals that bring together world-renowned orchestras, concerts, jazz legends and choral ensembles, while the well-known Istanbul International Film Festival is a delight of Europe as is the Istanbul Biennial fine arts event.