Istanbul Travel Guide
Istanbul Travel Guide
Istanbul Travel Guide

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Istanbul: Turkeys’s Capital City Offers a Perfect Blend of Historic and Modern

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and has a population of over 10 million people. It is one of the largest cities in the world and is one of the largest urban settlements in Europe and the largest in the Middle East. The City renamed from Constantinople to “Istanbul” which is probably derived from the Greek “to the city”. Istanbul is built on the site of the ancient Greek city of Byzantium.

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Istanbul Taxis

Istanbul has nearly 20,000 yellow taxis that move people around the city throughout the day. Compared to New York City…

Food to try in istanbul

On the hunt for the best food to try in Istanbul? Look no further! From phyllo-dough pastries to savory kebabs, Istanbul’s cuisine..

Best Places to Stay in Istanbul

if you’re traveling to Istanbul, it can be overwhelming to know where to stay. You could choose from any of the cities or suburbs ..

Istanbul Airport Taxi Fares

Generally the cost of taxis in Istanbul compared to the rest of the world is cheap. There are no fixed charges….

Istanbul Transportation Options

There is no sure-fire way to transverse the entirety of Istanbul but there is something unique and enticing about…..

Istanbul Airport to City Center

The vast majority of tourists who plan on visiting the city will arrive via New Istanbul Airport, the main international airport in the area…

Best Time to Visit Istanbul

One of the most gorgeous cities of the world, Istanbul in Turkey is the ideal destination for all travellers…

Istanbul Cost of Travel

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is a major draw for tourists from around the world because of its…

Things to know before traveling

Turkey is a country of diverse history, cuisine, and culture. It is a fascinating country with one of the world’s….

Layover at Istanbul Airport

The main disadvantage of having a layover at Istanbul Airport is the fifty kilometers it takes to get to Istanbul…

Istanbul Taxi Calulator

Use our Istanbul taxi calculator to estimate fares and plan your travel budget efficiently. Save time and money..